Memo 4tissimo
- the Brain Massage

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Memo 4tissimo is a unique memory game.This family game for all ages is a learning game both for beginners and for pros.

One must, by turning cards face up, find not only pairs of the same card but also the orientation of the cards is important. But take heart, you can start with the simpler variants of the game and improve little by little.

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The six variants offer something for everybody, from a pleasurable pastime to tricky marathons of mental exercise:

  • Memo4tissimo Bronze (medium level of difficulty)
  • Memo4tissimo Silver (difficult)
  • Memo4tissimo Gold (a challenge for the pro)
  • 4tissimo Fits Exactly (easy)
  • 4tissimo Dominoes (easy)
  • 4tissimo Solitaire (easy to medium level of difficulty)


Number of Players: 1 to 4

Age: 5 - 99 years and more

Duration: 10 - 45 minutes

Author: Elfriede Pauli (Heilpädagogin)



  • 1 set of 36 cards, each 6 x 6 cm2
  • 1 illustrated set of instructions (large, easily readable print of 11 points)

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